My Friend's House C.D.C. is under the supervision of Northwest Hills United Methodist Church through the Director of Children’s Ministries. The part time program is under the supervision of My Friend's House CDC and the Director of Children’s Ministries at Northwest Hills UMC.

Parent Council
An advisory committee, called the Parent Council, consists of parents, church members and staff of MFH. They assist in promoting the mission of the center through fundraising and other activities. Each group is represented on the Parent Council. Its members are nominated and elected serving two year terms beginning in September. The Council is not a policy making body, but it does help in facilitating communication between the parents, center staff and administration in an ongoing effort to support the quality of care provided.  

*If you are interested in becoming a member of the Council, please see MFH administration for more information.

Parent Partners
Parent Partners act as liaisons between the classroom staff and other classroom parents for the preparation of specific school wide functions and the role their classroom plays. They help coordinate holiday parties, birthday celebrations (usually staff birthdays only- parents typically handle their own child’s birthday celebration but may request the help of the Parent Partner(s) if they wish) Teacher Appreciation Week and other various functions throughout the year.  

Because My Friend's House is a non-profit organization, we rely on parent involvement through volunteerism for many aspects of our program. We welcome all family members who wish to volunteer their time and talents to our center. We recognize that everyone has something valuable to contribute.

Parents are invited to participate in fundraising activities as well as school wide celebrations we have throughout the year. You are also asked to volunteer your time and or talents at our semi-annual Work Days when we make improvements and repairs to our center and school grounds. It is our goal that every family commit themselves to volunteering at some point throughout the year. We are very grateful for the help and by making needed improvements or repairs ourselves we do not need to increase tuition in order to do so! Parent’s feedback suggests a feeling of pride in contributing to their child’s school environment and a connectedness to the center, the staff and other parents. The children and staff greatly benefit in many areas from your added participation. 

Parents’ involvement in their child’s care and education is encouraged in both formal and informal ways. Staff is available on a daily basis to talk with parents. Parents also receive regular written information about their children’s experiences and progress. All parents are invited to participate in parent/teacher conferences twice a year and to attend parent’s meetings. Parent/teacher conferences are an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and share information about experiences at home and the program.

Parent Involvement